Raffaella Giacomini

Discussion Papers

DP14626 16 April 2020 Robust Bayesian Inference in Proxy SVARs
Author(s): Raffaella Giacomini, Toru Kitagawa, Matthew Read
DP13619 25 March 2019 Incentive-driven Inattention
Author(s): Raffaella Giacomini, Wagner Gaglianone, Joao Issler, Vasiliki Skreta
DP11004 20 December 2015 Models, Inattention and Expectation Updates
Author(s): Vasiliki Skreta, Raffaella Giacomini, Javier Turén
DP10287 07 December 2014 Inference about Non-Identified SVARs
Author(s): Raffaella Giacomini, Toru Kitagawa
DP10201 12 October 2014 Economic theory and forecasting: lessons from the literature
Author(s): Raffaella Giacomini