Carlo A. Favero

Discussion Papers

DP2079 28 February 1999 Measuring Monetary Policy in Open Economies
Author(s): Carlo A. Favero, Fabio-Cesare Bagliano, Francesco Franco
DP1804 09 March 1998 A Red Letter Day?
Author(s): Rudiger Dornbusch, Francesco Giavazzi, Carlo A. Favero
DP1743 30 November 1997 Measuring Monetary Policy with VAR Models: An Evaluation
Author(s): Carlo A. Favero, Fabio-Cesare Bagliano
DP1676 30 July 1997 Extracting Information from Asset Prices: The Methodology of EMU Calculators
Author(s): Francesco Giavazzi, Guido Tabellini, Carlo A. Favero, Fabrizio Iacone
DP1456 30 September 1996 Monetary Policy, Forward Rates and Long Rates: Does Germany Differ from the United States?
Author(s): Carlo A. Favero, Marco Pifferi, Fabrizio Iacone