Moritz Schularick

Discussion Papers

DP15734-2 27 June 2021 Monetary policy and racial inequality
Author(s): Alina Bartscher, Moritz Kuhn, Moritz Schularick, Paul Wachtel
DP13798-4 13 March 2021 The macroeconomic impact of Trump
Author(s): Benjamin Born, Gernot Müller, Moritz Schularick, Petr Sedláček
DP15405-2 14 January 2021 Populist Leaders and the Economy
Author(s): Manuel Funke, Moritz Schularick, Christoph Trebesch
DP15518 05 December 2020 Zombies at large? Corporate debt overhang and the macroeconomy
Author(s): Òscar Jordà, Martin Kornejew, Moritz Schularick, Alan M. Taylor
DP14797-4 30 October 2020 Leaning against the wind and crisis risk
Author(s): Moritz Schularick, Lucas Ter Steege, Felix Ward