Oded Galor

Discussion Papers

DP13779 04 June 2019 Diversity and Conflict
Author(s): Cemal Eren Arbatlı, Quamrul H. Ashraf, Oded Galor, Marc Klemp
DP13313 12 November 2018 Climatic Roots of Loss Aversion
Author(s): Oded Galor,
DP12822 27 March 2018 Capital-Skill Complementarity and the Emergence of Labor Emancipation
Author(s): Francesco Cinnirella, Quamrul H. Ashraf, Oded Galor, Boris Gershman, Erik Hornung
DP12278 07 September 2017 Flowers of Evil? Industrialization and Long Run Development
Author(s): Raphael Franck, Oded Galor
DP11917 18 March 2017 Geographical Origins and Economic Consequences of Language Structures
Author(s): Oded Galor, Ömer Özak, Assaf Sarid