Manuel Adelino

Discussion Papers

DP17219 13 April 2022 Welfare Cuts, Local Spillovers and Financial Fragility
Author(s): Manuel Adelino, Jim Goldman
DP14640 19 April 2020 How Do Firms Respond to Demand Shocks? Evidence from the European Sovereign Debt Crisis
Author(s): Manuel Adelino, Paulo Fagandini, Miguel Ferreira, Francisco Queiro
DP14639 19 April 2020 Trade Credit and the Transmission of Unconventional Monetary Policy
Author(s): Manuel Adelino, Miguel Ferreira, Mariassunta Giannetti, Pedro Pires
DP13195 20 September 2018 Perception of House Price Risk and Homeownership
Author(s): Manuel Adelino, Antoinette S Schoar, Felipe Severino
DP12591 14 January 2018 Are Lemons Sold First? Dynamic Signaling in the Mortgage Market
Author(s): Manuel Adelino, Kristopher Gerardi, Barney Hartman-Glaser