Nicolas Coeurdacier

Discussion Papers

DP13180 14 September 2018 Capital Flows in an Aging World
Author(s): Nicolas Coeurdacier, Zsofia Barany, Stéphane Guibaud
DP11009 20 December 2015 Financial Integration and Growth in a Risky World
Author(s): Hélène Rey, Nicolas Coeurdacier, Pablo Winant
DP9688 13 October 2013 The One-Child Policy and Household Savings
Author(s): Nicolas Coeurdacier, Keyu Jin, Taha Choukhmane
DP9109 26 August 2012 Credit Constraints and Growth in a Global Economy
Author(s): Stéphane Guibaud, Nicolas Coeurdacier, Keyu Jin
DP8746 01 January 2012 Home Bias in Open Economy Financial Macroeconomics
Author(s): Hélène Rey, Nicolas Coeurdacier