Dean Karlan

Discussion Papers

DP11420 29 July 2016 Banking the Unbanked? Evidence from three countries
Author(s): Dean Karlan, Pascaline Dupas, Jonathan Robinson, Diego Ubfal
DP10529 05 April 2015 The Impact of Financial Education for Youth in Ghana
Author(s): Dean Karlan, James Berry, Menno Pradhan
DP10431 22 February 2015 The Catch-22 of External Validity in the Context of Constraints to Firm Growth
Author(s): Dean Karlan, Greg Fischer
DP10414 15 February 2015 Unshrouding Effects on Demand for a Costly Add-on: Evidence from Bank Overdrafts in Turkey
Author(s): Jonathan Zinman, Dean Karlan, Sule Alan, Mehmet Cemalcilar
DP10206 19 October 2014 Saving for a (not so) Rainy Day: A Randomized Evaluation of Savings Groups in Mali
Author(s): Dean Karlan, Lori Beaman, Bram Thuysbaert