Dean Karlan

Discussion Papers

DP9832 16 February 2014 Loose Knots:Strong versus Weak Commitments to Save for Education in Uganda
Author(s): Leigh Linden, Dean Karlan
DP9811 02 February 2014 Microcredit Impacts: Evidence from a Randomized Microcredit Program Placement Experiment by Compartamos Banco
Author(s): Manuela Angelucci, Jonathan Zinman, Dean Karlan
DP9773 08 December 2013 Follow the Money: Methods for Identifying Consumption and Investment Responses to a Liquidity Shock
Author(s): Jonathan Zinman, Dean Karlan, Adam Osman
DP9740 17 November 2013 Targeting ultra-poor households in Honduras and Peru
Author(s): Dean Karlan, Bram Thuysbaert
DP9639 08 September 2013 Continued Existence of Cows Disproves Central Tenets of Capitalism?
Author(s): Dean Karlan, Santosh Anagol, Alvin Etang