Maarten Bosker

Discussion Papers

DP13359 04 December 2018 Definition Matters: Metropolitan Areas and Agglomeration Economies in a Large Developing Country
Author(s): Maarten Bosker, Mark Roberts, Jane Park
DP13285 31 October 2018 The network origins of the gains from trade
Author(s): Maarten Bosker, Bastian Westbrock
DP12660 29 January 2018 Ice(berg) transport costs
Author(s): Maarten Bosker, Eltjo Buringh
DP10307 21 December 2014 Nether Lands: Evidence on the price and perception of rare flood disasters
Author(s): Harry Garretsen, Maarten Bosker, Gerard Marlet, Clemens van Woerkens
DP9870 09 March 2014 A theory of trade in a global production network
Author(s): Bastian Westbrock, Maarten Bosker