Emanuel Moench

Discussion Papers

DP16357-2 10 September 2021 Equity premium predictability over the business cycle
Author(s): Emanuel Moench, Tobias Stein
DP15122-2 17 August 2021 Fundamental Disagreement about Monetary Policy and the Term Structure of Interest Rates
Author(s): Shuo Cao, Richard K. Crump, Stefano Eusepi, Emanuel Moench
DP16439 09 August 2021 Safe asset shortage and collateral reuse
Author(s): Emanuel Moench, Stephan Jank, Michael Schneider
DP13900-3 15 April 2021 Anchored Inflation Expectations
Author(s): Carlos Carvalho , Stefano Eusepi, Emanuel Moench, Bruce Preston
DP15978 29 March 2021 What Moves Treasury Yields?
Author(s): Emanuel Moench, Soroosh Soofi Siavash