Dominic Rohner

Discussion Papers

DP15280 10 September 2020 Ballot or Bullet: The Impact of UK's Representation of the People Act on Peace and Prosperity
Author(s): Dominic Rohner, Alessandro Saia
DP14981 01 July 2020 Threat of Taxation, Stagnation and Social Unrest: Evidence from 19th Century Sicily
Author(s): Gema Lax-Martinez, Dominic Rohner, Alessandro Saia
DP14635 17 April 2020 A Dynamic Theory of Secessionist vs Centrist Conflict
Author(s): Joan Esteban, Sabine Flamand, Massimo Morelli, Dominic Rohner
DP14182 09 December 2019 Ethnic Conflicts and the Informational Dividend of Democracy
Author(s): Jérémy Laurent-Lucchetti, Dominic Rohner, Mathias Thoenig
DP13509 04 February 2019 Education and Conflict: Evidence from a Policy Experiment in Indonesia
Author(s): Dominic Rohner, Alessandro Saia