Discussion Papers

DP13817 21 June 2019 Optimal Monetary Policy when Information is Market-Generated
Author(s): Kenza Benhima, Isabella Blengini
DP13444 11 January 2019 Booms and Busts with Dispersed Information
Author(s): Kenza Benhima
DP11369 01 July 2016 Money and Capital in a Persistent Liquidity Trap
Author(s): Kenza Benhima, Philippe Bacchetta, Yannick Kalantzis
DP10309 21 December 2014 Corporate Cash and Employment
Author(s): Philippe Bacchetta, Céline Poilly, Kenza Benhima
DP10012 01 June 2014 Corporate Saving in Global Rebalancing
Author(s): Philippe Bacchetta, Kenza Benhima