David Hémous

Discussion Papers

DP15730 28 January 2021 Directed Technical Change in Labor and Environmental Economics
Author(s): David Hémous, morten olsen
DP14249 25 December 2019 Automating Labor: Evidence from Firm-level Patent Data
Author(s): Antoine Dechezleprêtre, David Hémous, morten olsen, carlo Zanella
DP10659 14 June 2015 Innovation and Top Income Inequality
Author(s): Richard William Blundell, Philippe Aghion, David Hémous, Ufuk Akcigit, Antonin Bergeaud
DP10490 15 March 2015 Long-term Relationships: Static Gains and Dynamic Inefficiencies
Author(s): David Hémous, Morten Olsen
DP10244 16 November 2014 The Rise of the Machines: Automation, Horizontal Innovation and Income Inequality
Author(s): David Hémous, Morten Olsen