Maurice Obstfeld

Discussion Papers

DP16610-3 06 December 2021 Lessons of Keynes’s Economic Consequences in a Turbulent Century
Author(s): Patricia Clavin, Giancarlo Corsetti, Maurice Obstfeld, Adam Tooze
DP16375 19 July 2021 The Global Capital Market Reconsidered
Author(s): Maurice Obstfeld
DP12051-2 27 August 2020 Revisiting Speculative Hyperinflations in Monetary Models
Author(s): Maurice Obstfeld, Kenneth Rogoff
DP13886-2 22 August 2020 Covered Interest Parity Deviations: Macrofinancial Determinants
Author(s): Eugenio Cerutti, Maurice Obstfeld, Haonan Zhou
DP14990 03 July 2020 Globalization and Nationalism: Retrospect and Prospect
Author(s): Maurice Obstfeld