Stefan Gerlach

Discussion Papers

DP8346 01 April 2011 ECB Repo Rate Setting During the Financial Crisis
Author(s): Stefan Gerlach
DP8046 23 October 2010 Inflation Targeting and Inflation Persistence in Asia
Author(s): Stefan Gerlach, Peter Tillmann
DP7933 15 July 2010 The Zero Lower Bound, ECB Interest Rate Policy and the Financial Crisis
Author(s): Stefan Gerlach, John Lewis
DP7833 24 May 2010 Banking and Sovereign Risk in the Euro Area
Author(s): Stefan Gerlach, Guntram B. Wolff, Alexander Schulz
DP7805 23 May 2010 Swiss Monetary Policy, 2000-2009
Author(s): Hans Genberg, Stefan Gerlach