Jordi Galí

Discussion Papers

DP16825-2 13 January 2022 Monetary Policy and Endogenous Financial Crises
Author(s): Frederic Boissay, Fabrice Collard, Jordi Galí, Cristina Manea
DP16042 15 April 2021 Should the ECB Adjust its Strategy in the Face of a Lower r*?
Author(s): Philippe Andrade, Jordi Galí, Hervé Le Bihan, Julien Matheron
DP14889 13 June 2020 Uncovered Interest Parity, Forward Guidance and the Exchange Rate
Author(s): Jordi Galí
DP14888 13 June 2020 Gains from Wage Flexibility and the Zero Lower Bound
Author(s): Roberto M Billi, Jordi Galí
DP14887 13 June 2020 Monetary Policy and Bubbles in New Keynesian Model with Overlapping Generations
Author(s): Jordi Galí