Randi Hjalmarsson

Discussion Papers

DP15214 28 August 2020 The Health Effects of Prison
Author(s): Randi Hjalmarsson, Matthew Lindquist
DP14068 19 October 2019 The Impact of the First Professional Police Forces on Crime
Author(s): Anna L Bindler, Randi Hjalmarsson
DP14067 19 October 2019 The Persistence of the Criminal Justice Gender Gap: Evidence from 200 Years of Judicial Decisions
Author(s): Anna L Bindler, Randi Hjalmarsson
DP13800 14 June 2019 The Impact of Abortion on Crime and Crime-Related Behavior
Author(s): Randi Hjalmarsson, Andreea Mitrut, Cristian Pop-Eleches
DP13012 23 June 2018 Path Dependency in Jury Decision-Making
Author(s): Randi Hjalmarsson, Anna L Bindler