Kees Koedijk

Discussion Papers

DP11831 06 February 2017 The World We Live In: Local or Global?
Author(s): Kees Koedijk, Ronald J Mahieu, Joris van Toor, Jenke Horst
DP11033 27 December 2015 Household Financial Planning and Savings Behavior
Author(s): Kees Koedijk, Rachel A J Pownall, Dirk Brounen
DP10823 13 September 2015 Reference Point Formation
Author(s): Kees Koedijk, Rachel A J Pownall, Charles Noussair, Ayse Terzi
DP10824 13 September 2015 Investing in Systematic Factor Premiums
Author(s): Philip Stork, Kees Koedijk, Alfred Slager
DP10740 26 July 2015 Do Social Factors Influence Investment Behaviour and Performance? Evidence from Mutual Fund Holdings.
Author(s): Kees Koedijk, Jenke ter Horst, Arian Borgers, Jeroen Derwall