Kees Koedijk

Discussion Papers

DP3501 20 August 2002 The Portfolio Implications of Home Ownership
Author(s): Piet Eichholtz, Kees Koedijk, Frans de Roon
DP3452 20 July 2002 International Evidence on Ethical Mutual Fund Performance and Investment Style
Author(s): Kees Koedijk, Bob Bauer, Roger Otten
DP3172 20 January 2002 Increased Correlation in Bear markets: A Downside Risk Perspective
Author(s): Paul Kofman, Kees Koedijk, Rachel Campbell
DP3173 04 January 2002 Stock Market Quality in the Prescence of a Traded Option
Author(s): Kees Koedijk, Cyriel de Jong, Charles Schnitzlein
DP3062 11 November 2001 The Cost of Capital in International Financial Markets: Local or Global
Author(s): , Kees Koedijk, Peter C Schotman, Mathijs A Van Dijk