Pedro Teles

Discussion Papers

DP13909 06 August 2019 What is the Optimal Immigration Policy? Migration, Jobs and Welfare
Author(s): Joao Guerreiro, Sérgio Rebelo, Pedro Teles
DP12753 23 February 2018 Ramsey Taxation in the Global Economy
Author(s): Pedro Teles, Juan Pablo Nicolini, V. V. Chari
DP12750 22 February 2018 Sovereign Default: The Role of Expectations
Author(s): Pedro Teles, João Ayres, Gaston Navarro, Juan Pablo Nicolini
DP12238 24 August 2017 Should Robots Be Taxed?
Author(s): Sérgio Rebelo, Pedro Teles, Joao Guerreiro
DP9989 25 May 2014 Credit Spreads and Credit Policies
Author(s): Isabel Correia, Pedro Teles, Oreste Tristani, Fiorella De Fiore