Pedro Teles

Discussion Papers

DP8193 17 January 2011 Unconventional Fiscal Policy at the Zero Bound
Author(s): Isabel Correia, Pedro Teles, Juan Pablo Nicolini, Emmanuel Farhi
DP8049 18 October 2010 Is Quantity Theory Still Alive?
Author(s): Pedro Teles, Harald Uhlig
DP7935 15 July 2010 Short and Long Interest Rate Targets
Author(s): Isabel Correia, Pedro Teles, Bernardino Adão
DP7418 16 August 2009 Money is an Experience Good: Competition and Trust in the Private Provision of Money
Author(s): Ramon Marimon, Pedro Teles, Juan Pablo Nicolini
DP7419 16 August 2009 Monetary Policy and the Financing of Firms
Author(s): Pedro Teles, Oreste Tristani, Fiorella De Fiore