Erik Hornung

Discussion Papers

DP13930 14 August 2019 The Political Economy of the Prussian Three-class Franchise
Author(s): Sascha O. Becker, Erik Hornung
DP13838 03 July 2019 Roman Transport Network Connectivity and Economic Integration
Author(s): Matthias Flueckiger, Erik Hornung, Mario Larch, Markus Ludwig, Allard Mees
DP12822 27 March 2018 Capital-Skill Complementarity and the Emergence of Labor Emancipation
Author(s): Francesco Cinnirella, Quamrul H. Ashraf, Oded Galor, Boris Gershman, Erik Hornung
DP12200 05 August 2017 Bismarck's Health Insurance and the Mortality Decline
Author(s): Erik Hornung, Stefan Bauernschuster, Anastasia Driva
DP11486 02 September 2016 Land Inequality, Education, and Marriage: Empirical Evidence from Nineteenth-Century Prussia
Author(s): Francesco Cinnirella, Erik Hornung