Kai A. Konrad

Discussion Papers

DP15683 18 January 2021 Collective Memories on the 2010 European Debt Crisis *
Author(s): Laura Arnemann, Kai A. Konrad, Niklas Potrafke
DP15536 09 December 2020 The Volunteer’s Dilemma in Finite Populations
Author(s): Kai A. Konrad, Florian Morath
DP13738 16 May 2019 Preemption Contests Between Groups
Author(s): Stefano Barbieri, Kai A. Konrad, David A. Malueg
DP10519 29 March 2015 Coordination and the fight against tax havens
Author(s): Kai A. Konrad, Tim Stolper
DP9384 10 March 2013 Deception detection and the role of self-selection
Author(s): Kai A. Konrad, Salmai Qari, Tim Lohse


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