Kai A. Konrad

Discussion Papers

DP2695 27 February 2001 Repeated Expropriation Contests and Foreign Direct Investment
Author(s): Kai A. Konrad
DP2657 30 January 2001 Globalization and Human Capital Formation
Author(s): Kai A. Konrad, Fredrik Andersson
DP2312 17 December 1999 Geography of the Family
Author(s): Kjell Erik Lommerud, Kai A. Konrad, Julio R Robledo, Harald Künemund
DP2326 17 December 1999 Privacy, Time Consistent Optimal Labour Income Taxation and Education Policy
Author(s): Kai A. Konrad
DP2173 28 June 1999 The Market for Protection and the Origin of the State
Author(s): Kai A. Konrad, Stergios Skaperdas