Gerard A. Pfann

Discussion Papers

DP12669 31 January 2018 Supply Shocks in the Market for Apprenticeships: Evidence from a German High School Reform
Author(s): Gerard A. Pfann, Samuel Muehlemann, Harald Pfeifer, Hans Dietrich
DP10699 12 July 2015 Roads Leading to Self-Employment: Comparing Transgenerational Entrepreneurs and Self-Made Start-Ups
Author(s): Gerard A. Pfann, Boris Blumberg
DP10684 05 July 2015 Dismissal Disputes and Endogenous Sorting
Author(s): Gerard A. Pfann, Pietro Garibaldi
DP7603 13 December 2009 Markets for Reputation: Evidence on Quality and Quantity in Academe
Author(s): Daniel S. Hamermesh, Gerard A. Pfann
DP2563 26 September 2000 Options to Quit
Author(s): Gerard A. Pfann