Shang-Jin Wei

Discussion Papers

DP15806 11 February 2021 Trade Reforms and Current Account Imbalances
Author(s): Jiandong Ju, Kang Shi, Shang-Jin Wei
DP15805 11 February 2021 The Welfare Cost of a Current Account Imbalance: A 'Clean' Channel
Author(s): Jungho Lee, Shang-Jin Wei, Jianhuan Xu
DP11070 24 January 2016 International Transmissions of Monetary Shocks
Author(s): Shang-Jin Wei, Xuehui Han
DP10989 13 December 2015 Re-examining the Middle Income Trap Hypothesis: What to Reject and What to Revive?
Author(s): Shang-Jin Wei, Xuehui Han
DP10187 05 October 2014 Assessing Market Failures in Export Pioneering Activities: A Structural Estimation Approach
Author(s): Shang-Jin Wei, Jianhuan Xu, Ziru Wei


Books & Reports

16 April 2013 Trade in Value Added: Developing New Measures of Cross-Border Trade
Author(s): Aaditya Mattoo, Shang-Jin Wei, Zhi Wang