Patrick Minford

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Discussion Papers

DP9763 24 November 2013 The Fiscal Theory of the Price Level - identification and testing for the UK in the 1970s
Author(s): Patrick Minford, Zhirong Ou, Jingwen Fan
DP9422 14 April 2013 Banking and the Macroeconomy in China: A Banking Crisis Deferred?
Author(s): Patrick Minford, Kent Matthews, David Meenagh, Vo Phuong Mai Le, Zhiguo Xiao
DP9411 31 March 2013 A Monte Carlo procedure for checking identification in DSGE models
Author(s): Patrick Minford, Michael R. Wickens, Vo Phuong Mai Le
DP9392 17 March 2013 What causes banking crises? An empirical investigation for the world economy
Author(s): Patrick Minford, David Meenagh, Vo Phuong Mai Le, Zhirong Ou
DP9142 23 September 2012 How important is the credit channel? An empirical study of the US banking crisis
Author(s): Patrick Minford, Chunping Liu