Dietmar Harhoff

Discussion Papers

DP14726 07 May 2020 Truly Standard-Essential Patents? A Semantics-Based Analysis
Author(s): Lorenz Brachtendorf, Fabian Gaessler, Dietmar Harhoff
DP13969 30 August 2019 Bargaining Failure and Freedom to Operate: Re-evaluating the Effect of Patents on Cumulative Innovation
Author(s): Fabian Gaessler, Dietmar Harhoff, Stefan Sorg
DP11601 03 November 2016 Social Ties for Labor Market Access – Lessons from the Migration of East German Inventors
Author(s): Dietmar Harhoff, Matthias Dorner, Tina Hinz, Karin Hoisl, Stefan Bender
DP9468 12 May 2013 Conflict Resolution, Public Goods and Patent Thickets
Author(s): Dietmar Harhoff, Georg von Graevenitz, Stefan Wagner
DP9264 13 January 2013 The Economic Value of Patent Portfolios
Author(s): Dietmar Harhoff, Alfonso Gambardella, Bart Verspagen