Ricardo Reis

Discussion Papers

DP8239 08 February 2011 Targeted transfers and the fiscal response to the great recession
Author(s): Ricardo Reis, Hyunseung Oh
DP7711 21 February 2010 Imperfect Information and Aggregate supply
Author(s): N Gregory Mankiw, Ricardo Reis
DP7712 21 February 2010 Correlated Disturbances and U.S. Business Cycles
Author(s): Ricardo Reis, Vasco Cúrdia
DP7635 17 January 2010 Interpreting the Unconventional U.S. Monetary Policy of 2007-09
Author(s): Ricardo Reis
DP6593 23 December 2007 Relative Goods? Prices and Pure Inflation
Author(s): Mark W Watson, Ricardo Reis