Enrico Perotti

Discussion Papers

DP13987 07 September 2019 The Political Economy of a Diverse Monetary Union
Author(s): Enrico Perotti, Oscar Soons
DP13984 05 September 2019 Redistributive Growth
Author(s): Enrico Perotti, Robin Döttling
DP13617 25 March 2019 Bank Capital Forbearance
Author(s): Natalya Martynova, Enrico Perotti, Javier Suarez
DP9836 21 February 2019 Legal Evolution, Contract Evolution, and Standardization
Author(s): Enrico Perotti, Nicola Gennaioli, Giacomo Ponzetto
DP12618 18 January 2018 The (Self-) Funding of Intangibles
Author(s): Enrico Perotti, Robin Döttling, Tomislav Ladika


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