Paula Gobbi

Discussion Papers

DP16516 06 September 2021 Economics and family structures
Author(s): Thomas Baudin, Bram De Rock, Paula Gobbi
DP13374 07 December 2018 Economic Uncertainty and Fertility Cycles: The Case of the Post-WWII Baby Boom
Author(s): Bastien Chabé-Ferret, Paula Gobbi
DP12744 21 February 2018 Childless Aristocrats. Inheritance and the extensive margin of fertility
Author(s): Paula Gobbi, Marc Goñi
DP12550 31 December 2017 Childcare and Commitment within Households
Author(s): Paula Gobbi
DP12071 01 June 2017 Endogenous Childlessness and Stages of Development
Author(s): Paula Gobbi, David De La Croix, Thomas Baudin