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23 October 2015 Low for Long? Causes and Consequences of Persistently Low Interest Rates
Author(s): Takatoshi Ito, Charles Bean, Randall S Kroszner, Christian Broda
01 September 1998 Social Europe: One for All? Monitoring European Integration 8
Author(s): Charles Bean, Giuseppe Bertola, Juan J. Dolado, Samuel Bentolila
30 May 1997 The Ostrich and the EMU
Author(s): Martin Wolf, Rupert Pennant-Rea, Tim Lankester, David Begg, Charles Bean, David Miles, Paul Seabright, Ann Robinson, Jeremy Hardie, Richard Portes
01 May 1995 Spanish Unemployment: Is there a Solution?
Author(s): Edmond Malinvaud, Dennis J. Snower, , Olivier Blanchard, Charles Bean, Javier Andrés, Gilles Saint-Paul, Juan Francisco Jimeno, Luis Toharia, Ana Revenga, David Taguas
01 April 1995 Unemployment: Choices for Europe. Monitoring European Integration 5
Author(s): Daniel Cohen, Charles Bean, George Alogoskoufis, Giuseppe Bertola, Juan J. Dolado, Gilles Saint-Paul