Eric Ghysels

Discussion Papers

DP15654-2 09 January 2021 Institutional Investors and Granularity in Equity Markets
Author(s): Eric Ghysels, Hanwei Liu, Steve Raymond
DP15418 31 October 2020 Binary Choice with Asymmetric Loss in a Data-Rich Environment: Theory and an Application to Racial Justice
Author(s): Eric Ghysels, Andrii Babii, Xi Chen, Rohit Kumar
DP12219 12 August 2017 Is Industrial Production Still the Dominant Factor for the US Economy?
Author(s): Elena Andreou, Patrick Gagliardini, Eric Ghysels, Mirco Rubin
DP12180 24 July 2017 Downside Risk in the Chinese Stock Market - Has it Fundamentally Changed?
Author(s): Eric Ghysels, Hanwei Liu
DP12179 24 July 2017 Automated Earnings Forecasts:- Beat Analysts or Combine and Conquer?
Author(s): Eric Ghysels, Ryan Ball