Hans Gersbach

Discussion Papers

DP16087 28 April 2021 Gainers and Losers from Market Integration
Author(s): Hans Gersbach, Hans Haller
DP16037 14 April 2021 Using Re-election Thresholds to Curb Political Polarization
Author(s): Hans Gersbach, Philippe Muller, Oriol Tejada
DP15985 31 March 2021 Who Produces the Robots?
Author(s): Hans Gersbach, Samuel Schmassmann
DP15884 04 March 2021 Contingent Contracts in Banking: Insurance or Risk Magnification?
Author(s): Hans Gersbach
DP15512 03 December 2020 A Refunding Scheme to Incentivize Narrow-Spectrum Antibiotic Development
Author(s): Lucas Böttcher, Hans Gersbach


Policy Insights