Hans Gersbach

Discussion Papers

DP13921 08 August 2019 The Effect of Handicaps on Turnout for Large Electorates: An Application to Assessment Voting
Author(s): Hans Gersbach, Akaki Mamageishvili, Oriol Tejada
DP13919 08 August 2019 Politsplaining: Populism Breeds Populism
Author(s): Hans Gersbach, Laurin Köhler-Schindler
DP13833 01 July 2019 From Local to Global: A Unified Theory of Public Basic Research
Author(s): Hans Gersbach, Ulrich Schetter, Samuel Schmassmann
DP13156 04 September 2018 Money Creation in Different Architectures
Author(s): Salomon Faure, Hans Gersbach
DP12966 31 May 2018 Open Rule Legislative Bargaining
Author(s): Volker Britz, Hans Gersbach