Jan C. van Ours

Discussion Papers

DP14135 19 November 2019 The Mental Health Effects of Retirement
Author(s): Matteo Picchio, Jan C. van Ours
DP13933 18 August 2019 Cannabis Prices on the Dark Web
Author(s): Jakub Cerveny, Jan C. van Ours
DP13901 01 August 2019 Symbolism Matters: The Effect of Same-Sex Marriage Legalization on Partnership Stability
Author(s): Shuai Chen, Jan C. van Ours
DP13369 06 December 2018 Beyond Okun's Law: Output Growth and Labor Market Flows
Author(s): Guay C. Lim, Robert Dixon, Jan C. van Ours
DP12341 29 September 2017 Artificial Pitches and Unfair Home Advantage in Professional Football
Author(s): Jan C. van Ours