Jan C. van Ours

Discussion Papers

DP16171 19 May 2021 How Sensitive are Sports Fans to Unemployment?
Author(s): James Reade, Jan C. van Ours
DP16147 13 May 2021 Bias in expert product reviews
Author(s): Ben Vollaard, Jan C. van Ours
DP15632 05 January 2021 Mental Health Effects of Same-Sex Marriage Legalization
Author(s): Shuai Chen, Jan C. van Ours
DP15438 09 November 2020 What a drag it is getting old? Mental health and loneliness beyond age 50
Author(s): Jan C. van Ours
DP14135 19 November 2019 The Mental Health Effects of Retirement
Author(s): Matteo Picchio, Jan C. van Ours