Thierry Foucault

Discussion Papers

DP13093 31 July 2018 Inventory Management, Dealers' Connections, and Prices in OTC Markets
Author(s): Jean-Edouard Colliard, Thierry Foucault, Peter Hoffmann
DP11190 23 March 2016 Data Abundance and Asset Price Informativeness
Author(s): Thierry Foucault, Jérôme Dugast
DP11073 31 January 2016 Corporate Strategy, Conformism, and the Stock Market
Author(s): Thierry Foucault, Laurent Frésard
DP11081 31 January 2016 Ripple Effects of Noise on Corporate Investment
Author(s): Thierry Foucault, Laurent Frésard, Adrien Matray, Olivier Dessaint
DP9925 06 April 2014 Toxic Arbitrage
Author(s): Thierry Foucault, Wing Wah Tham, Roman Kozhan