Hans Degryse

Discussion Papers

DP14754 13 May 2020 On-site inspecting zombie lending
Author(s): Diana Bonfim, Geraldo Cerqueiro, Hans Degryse, Steven Ongena
DP14127 17 November 2019 Priority Rules
Author(s): Hans Degryse, Nikolaos Karagiannis
DP13331 20 November 2018 To Ask or Not To Ask? Bank Capital Requirements and Loan Collateralization
Author(s): Hans Degryse, ,
DP11838 07 February 2017 Risk-sharing benefits and the capital structure of insurance companies
Author(s): Hans Degryse, Cynthia Van Hulle, Kristien Smedts
DP11406 22 July 2016 When Do Laws and Institutions Affect Recovery Rates on Collateral?
Author(s): Vasso Ioannidou, Hans Degryse, Jose Maria Liberti, Jason Sturgess