Josef Zechner

Discussion Papers

DP14773-2 19 May 2020 Disaster Resilience and Asset Prices
Author(s): Josef Zechner, Marco Pagano, Christian Wagner
DP14572 06 April 2020 The Dynamics of Corporate Debt Structure
Author(s): Josef Zechner, Michael Halling, Jin Yu
DP14570 06 April 2020 The Maturity Premium
Author(s): Josef Zechner, Maria Chaderina, Patrick Weiss
DP12289 10 September 2017 Corporate Debt Maturity Profiles
Author(s): Josef Zechner, Jaewon Choi, Dirk Hackbarth
DP4987 23 April 2005 Where is the Market? Evidence from Cross-Listings
Author(s): Marco Pagano, Josef Zechner, Otto Randl, Michael Halling