Marc Ivaldi

Discussion Papers

DP11218 07 April 2016 Assessment of Post-merger Coordinated Effects: Characterization by Simulations
Author(s): Marc Ivaldi, Vicente Lagos
DP10762 09 August 2015 Advertising Competition in the French Free-To-Air Television Broadcasting Industry
Author(s): Marc Ivaldi, Jiekai Zhang
DP10658 14 June 2015 Airport Prices in a Two-Sided Market Setting: Major US Airports
Author(s): Marc Ivaldi, Senay Sokullu, Tuba Toru
DP10384 01 February 2015 Air Ticket Sales as Bids from Airline Alliances
Author(s): Marc Ivaldi, Miguel Urdanoz, Milena Petrova
DP10385 01 February 2015 A Welfare Assessment of Revenue Management Systems
Author(s): Marc Ivaldi, Jerome Pouyet, Nicolas Dupuis