Marc Ivaldi

Discussion Papers

DP16111 05 May 2021 Market Structure, Investment and Technical Efficiencies in Mobile Telecommunications
Author(s): Jonathan Elliott, Georges V. Houngbonon, Marc Ivaldi, Paul Scott
DP16006 04 April 2021 Displacement and complementarity in the recorded music industry: evidence from France
Author(s): Marc Ivaldi, Ambre Nicolle, Frank Verboven, Jiekai Zhang
DP15202 25 August 2020 Sharing when stranger equals danger: Ridesharing during Covid-19 pandemic
Author(s): Marc Ivaldi, Emil Palikot
DP14895 15 June 2020 Platform Mergers: Lessons from a Case in the Digital TV Market
Author(s): Marc Ivaldi, Jiekai Zhang
DP14771 16 May 2020 Price Parity Clauses for Hotel Room Booking: Empirical Evidence from Regulatory Change
Author(s): Sean Ennis, Marc Ivaldi, Vicente Lagos