Marc Ivaldi

Discussion Papers

DP7153 09 February 2009 An empirical analysis of cellular demand in South Africa
Author(s): Farid Gasmi, Marc Ivaldi, Laura Recuero Virto
DP6434 24 August 2007 Mergers as Auctions
Author(s): Marc Ivaldi, Jrissy Motis
DP5990 10 December 2006 Academic Journals as Two-Sided Platforms: Empirical Evidence from Data on French Libraries
Author(s): Marc Ivaldi, Pierre Dubois, Adriana Hernandez-Perez
DP5096 23 June 2005 Market Definition in the Printed Media Industry: Theory and Practice
Author(s): Marc Ivaldi, Elena Argentesi
DP5000 23 April 2005 Welfare Trade-Offs in US Rail Mergers
Author(s): Marc Ivaldi, Gerard McCullough