Jozef Konings

Discussion Papers

DP16072 25 April 2021 Firm growth in times of crisis
Author(s): Jozef Konings, Aigerim Yergabulova
DP15339 05 October 2020 Dominant Currencies: How firms choose currency invoicing and why it matters
Author(s): Mary Amiti, Oleg Itskhoki, Jozef Konings
DP13246 16 October 2018 The Return on Information Technology: Who Benefits Most?
Author(s): Emmanuel Dhyne, Jozef Konings, Jeroen Van den bosch, Stijn Vanormelingen
DP13105 08 August 2018 Does a Tax Credit matter for Job Creation by Multinational Enterprises?
Author(s): Jozef Konings, Cathy Lecocq, Bruno Merlevede
DP12868 14 April 2018 Local High-Tech Job Multipliers in Europe
Author(s): Jozef Konings, Maarten Goos, Marieke Vandeweyer