Pierre-Philippe Combes

Discussion Papers

DP15308-2 21 May 2021 Urban economics in a historical perspective: Recovering data with machine learning
Author(s): Pierre-Philippe Combes, Laurent Gobillon, Yanos Zylberberg
DP14376 02 February 2020 Peer Effects in Academic Research: Senders and Receivers
Author(s): Clement Bosquet, Pierre-Philippe Combes, Emeric Henry, Thierry Mayer
DP14129 17 November 2019 Delineating urban areas using building density
Author(s): Marie-Pierre De Bellefon, Pierre-Philippe Combes, Gilles Duranton, Laurent Gobillon, Clément Gorin
DP13487 24 January 2019 Unequal Migration and Urbanisation Gains in China
Author(s): Pierre-Philippe Combes, Sylvie Démurger, Shi Li, Jianguo Wang
DP11669 27 November 2016 The Production Function for Housing: Evidence from France
Author(s): Pierre-Philippe Combes, Gilles Duranton, Laurent Gobillon