Guido Friebel

Discussion Papers

DP17010 05 February 2022 A Pay Change and Its Long-term Consequences
Author(s): Guido Friebel, Miriam Krueger
DP16686 01 November 2021 Women in Economics: Europe and the World
Author(s): Emmanuelle Auriol, Guido Friebel, Alisa Weinberger, Sascha Wilhelm
DP13979 03 September 2019 Incentives to Discover Talent
Author(s): Tobias Bruenner, Guido Friebel, Richard Holden, Suraj Prasad
DP13770 30 May 2019 What Do Employee Referral Programs Do?
Author(s): Guido Friebel, Matthias Heinz, Mitchell Hoffman, Nick Zubanov
DP13326 19 November 2018 International Migration Intentions and Illegal Costs: Evidence Using Africa-to-Europe Smuggling Routes
Author(s): Guido Friebel, Miriam Manchin, Mariapia Mendola, Giovanni Prarolo