Lutz Kilian

Discussion Papers

DP17265 28 April 2022 When do state-dependent local projections work?
Author(s): Silvia Goncalves, Ana Maria Herrera, Lutz Kilian, Elena Pesavento
DP16818 18 December 2021 Comment on Giacomini, Kitagawa and Read’s ‘Narrative Restrictions and Proxies’
Author(s): Lutz Kilian
DP16776 05 December 2021 The Impact of Rising Oil Prices on U.S. Inflation and Inflation Expectations in 2020-23
Author(s): Lutz Kilian, Xiaoqing Zhou
DP16277 19 June 2021 Container Trade and the U.S. Recovery
Author(s): Lutz Kilian, Nikos Nomikos, Xiaoqing Zhou
DP15545 11 December 2020 The Role of the Prior in Estimating VAR Models with Sign Restrictions
Author(s): Atsushi Inoue, Lutz Kilian