Carol Propper

Discussion Papers

DP15515 04 December 2020 Innovation Diffusion and Physician Networks: Keyhole Surgery for Cancer in the English NHS
Author(s): Eliana Barrenho, Eric Gautier, Marisa Miraldo, Carol Propper, Christiern Rose
DP15105 28 July 2020 "Does Higher Hospital Quality Save Lives? The Association between" "COVID-19 Deaths and Hospital Quality in the USA
Author(s): Johannes Kunz, Carol Propper
DP15045 16 July 2020 Assessing the Quality of Public Services: Does Hospital Competition Crowd Out the For-Profit Quality Gap?
Author(s): Johannes Kunz, Carol Propper, Kevin Staub, Rainer Winkelmann
DP14507 18 March 2020 Macroeconomic Conditions and Health in Britain: Aggregation, Dynamics and Local Area Heterogeneity
Author(s): Katharina Janke, Kevin Lee, Carol Propper, Kalvinder K Shields, Michael Shields
DP14084 27 October 2019 The causal effect of education on chronic health conditions in the UK
Author(s): Katharina Janke, David Johnston, Carol Propper, Michael Shields