John Driffill

Discussion Papers

DP9321 27 January 2013 Financial Shocks, Unemployment, and Public Policy
Author(s): John Driffill
DP8511 23 August 2011 Liquidity When It Matters Most: QE and Tobin?s q
Author(s): Marcus Miller, John Driffill
DP6570 16 November 2007 Inertia in Taylor Rules
Author(s): John Driffill, Zeno Rotondi
DP4247 23 February 2004 Monetary Policy and Lexicographic Preference Ordering
Author(s): John Driffill, Zeno Rotondi
DP4165 23 January 2004 On Model Selection and Markov Switching: A Empirical Examination of Term Structure Models with Regime Shifts
Author(s): John Driffill, Martin Sola, Turalay Kenc, Fabio Spagnolo