Vincenzo Quadrini

Discussion Papers

DP11502 15 September 2016 Banks Interconnectivity and Leverage
Author(s): Vincenzo Quadrini, Alessandro Barattieri, Laura Moretti
DP10330 11 January 2015 Limited Nominal Indexation of Optimal Financial Contracts
Author(s): Vincenzo Quadrini, Césaire A. Meh, Yaz Terajima
DP10265 30 November 2014 Bank Liabilities Channel
Author(s): Vincenzo Quadrini
DP9725 10 November 2013 Risky Investments with Limited Commitment
Author(s): Thomas F Cooley, Ramon Marimon, Vincenzo Quadrini
DP8893 01 September 2012 Financial Globalization, Inequality, and the Raising of Public Debt
Author(s): Vincenzo Quadrini, Eva de Francisco, Marina Azzimonti