Stephen J. Redding

Discussion Papers

DP15297 16 September 2020 Globalization and Pandemics
Author(s): Pol Antras, Stephen J. Redding, Esteban Rossi-Hansberg
DP15268 09 September 2020 Trade and Geography
Author(s): Stephen J. Redding
DP15068 19 July 2020 International Friends and Enemies
Author(s): Benny Kleinman, Ernest Liu, Stephen J. Redding
DP15050 16 July 2020 How Much Does COVID-19 Increase with Mobility? Evidence from New York and Four Other US Cities
Author(s): Stephen J. Redding, Edward L Glaeser, Caitlin Gorback
DP14229 21 December 2019 Who's Paying for the U.S. Tariffs? A Longer-Term Perspective
Author(s): Stephen J. Redding, Mary Amiti, David Weinstein