J David López-Salido

Discussion Papers

DP16184 24 May 2021 Do Low Interest Rates Harm Innovation, Competition, and Productivity Growth?
Author(s): J David López-Salido, Jonathan E Goldberg, Craig Chikis
DP16141 12 May 2021 Short-term Planning, Monetary Policy, and Macroeconomic Persistence
Author(s): J David López-Salido, Christopher Gust, Edward Herbst
DP14074 22 October 2019 Inflation at Risk
Author(s): J David López-Salido, Francesca Loria
DP13263 19 October 2018 Hysteresis via Endogenous Rigidity in Wages and Participation
Author(s): Cynthia L Doniger, J David López-Salido
DP12982 09 June 2018 The Money View Versus the Credit View
Author(s): Sarah S. Baker, J David López-Salido, Edward Nelson